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Spray Beach Chapel 2018 Month and Date Minister ---- May 26 - Pastor Joe Faraldi, Barnegat, NJ. June 2 - Rev. Samuel Yun, East Windsor, NJ June 9 - Rev. Dr. Matthew Rhodes, Pennington, NJ. June 16 - Rev. Robert Faller Sandy Hook, CT/ Rev . Constance Darnel Elizabethtown, KY June 23 - Rev David Taylor, Neshanic Station,NJ. June 30 - Ron & Joan Giles, Glenmore PA July 7 - Rev Krystin Granberg, Beach Haven Park, NJ July 14 - Rev Gordon S. Milkoski, Princeton NJ. July 21 - Rev Lori Neff LaRue Pennington, NJ. July 28 - Rev David A. Ramsey, Sewell, NJ. August 3 - John Rommel, Downingtown, PA. August 11 - Rev. David A. Ramsey. Sewell, NJ August 18 - Rev. Dr. James H., Kraft, Mount Holly, NJ. August 25 - Pastor Linda Wood, Long Beach Township, NJ. September 1 - Rev. David Finch Wilmington, DE. September 8 - North Penn Singers Souderton, PA.

About Us

A Brief History of the Spray Beach Chapel During the summer of 1894, when there were only twelve cottages in all of Spray Beach, Mrs. Hettie L. Ringgold inspired the organization of the Chapel. The Spray Beach Hotel (razed in 1969) was the center of activities, and church services were held there in the music room on Sunday evenings. In April 1895, the decision was made to build a chapel. William Butler of Beach Haven, a builder responsible for the construction of most of the houses in Beach Haven and Spray Beach in that period, agreed to erect the chapel at a cost of $900.00! The pulpit and platform were the gift of the builder, and William S. Ringgold donated the ground. The organ was given by Miss Elizabeth K. Robison, was later electrified by Paul Twelves: it was completely restored in 1995. Minutes of July 1895 mention the purchase of “100 chairs from Wanamaker’s at a cost of $33.75”. These chairs are still being used today, as in the pulpit furniture from that era. Unfortunately, Mrs. Ringgold died on May 31, 1895, without seeing her dream of the Chapel become a reality. In order that her efforts might always be remembered, the center stained glass window was presented by the Bible Class of the Mutchmore Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia. They also gave the smaller stained glass windows in memory of her son and daughter. On August 4 1895, the Chapel was dedicated by the Rev. S.A. Mutchmore, of Philadelphia. Donations that day amounted to $540.00! The Chapel remained closed in 1908 because there was no one to conduct services. It remained closed until August 15, 1909, when a Rev. Smedley, a local Methodist minister preached for us. About 1910, it became a Union Chapel, to be governed by a board of trustees. The Chapel is the second oldest house of worship on Long Beach Island and the oldest church building on the island to be in continuous use. The original bell proved to be too heavy for the steeple. Its ringing cracked the plaster walls so severely that they had to be paneled. That bell was removed and was used to summon the fire company from Beach Haven when needed. The second bell became badly corroded over the years, and was replaced by a ship’s bell in 1950. Mr. Charles Dore donated this third bell, and it is still in use today. Meanwhile, the original bell was returned to the Chapel by Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Roy. Mr. Harrison Hall fabricated a suitable mounting, and the old bell has a place of honor at last. In 1951, the forty-foot lot on the north side of the Chapel was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Augustus L. Keil, and in the sixties, the corner lots were acquired by fund-raising. In 1981, a “Save the Chapel” fund-raising campaign for repairs to the structure was launched with a goal of $10,000.00. Then, in 1985, the exterior of the building was completely re-sided through the efforts of Mr. Craig Fowler. Many gifts have been presented to the Chapel. These include American and Christian flags, a Memorial Book and guest registers, given at various times by the friends of the church. The sketch of the Chapel was created during the 1940s or 1950s by Mabel Whetstone (1880-1968). She retired to Spray Beach in the late 1940s. The Bible on the pulpit was presented in honor of the Rev. J. Wesley Twelves who conducted evening services from 1927 to 1957. On June 9, 1982, a stained glass window, presented in memory of Robert D. Lintz by his family and friends, was installed over the door of the Chapel. This window was designed by Marguerite Gaudin, and painted by Ann Willet Atelier of Springhouse, PA. In 1994, a new bulletin board, used to announce services and activities to the community, was given in memory of Mr. William Wivel, a past president of the Chapel Board of Trustees. In 1997, new hymnals were donated by John Englishmen in loving memory of his wife Margaret. In 2013, trustee Shirley Wunsch donated, the two inspiring stained glass windows, designed by Katherine Jordan which are located at the church entrance in memory of her husband, Al Wunsch.

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